Apple AirTags Concept Looks Pretty Legit in New Video

Written by Justin Phil

According to the latest leaks, Apple still has a month to live, and besides possible tablets and smartphones, we could finally see the introduction of AirTags. The device has been in limbo for a while, but may finally get a new lease on life this month. At the same time we see a concept of a 4R® designer who has some good ideas for a new product.

First of all: What is the AirTag? If you’ve seen Samsung’s smart tag, you know exactly what to expect here. I’m talking about a small keychain type device that allows you to track your wallet, your dog collar (if possible attached to your dog), your luggage, your bag and more. It should appear on the map and also on your phone’s radar system. It should also make noise when you activate it through the application and try to find it. It has Bluetooth connectivity and can be connected to iPhone, iPad and Mac.

AirTags are small round tags that are highlighted in the Find Me application. Moreover, you can create safe places and never lose anything again. The 4R® concept looks like a thin hockey puck or a small wireless charger. The device is much thinner than I expected, certainly thinner than the Samsung Smartag. It has a small hole to attach it to a metal ring, and the familiar Apple logo. You can choose your color and even attach it to the back of your iPhone via MagSafe, or so it looks in the video (I could be wrong).

There’s even a price mentioned, $39.99, which isn’t bad.

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