Apple Money is a Crypto Gadget Dream

Written by Justin Phil

Designer Antonio de Rosa is back with an Apple concept, but not a smartphone, tablet or regular Mac. It’s called Apple Money, but this time it’s the world of cryptography. It is an e-wallet, a card and a service linked together.

Apple Money is a machine that collects your digital Apple money and makes it instantly available on your Apple Card+ while you use your Apple devices, watch Apple TV+ or listen to Apple music. Even using Apple Fitness makes more money. At the heart of this system is a special device in the form of a long hand scanner or perhaps some sort of long USB stick. It is equipped with an Apple S2 security chip and can manage 27 ERC20 assets and tokens. There is a PIN code, 24-word recovery, and support for Bluetooth and NFC.

The 512 x 64 pixel touchscreen is similar to that of the MacBook, and it also has a USB-C port. Audio is delivered through a 2-watt speaker, and there’s also a two-way microphone, fingerprint reader, and 12 hours of standby time. All dimensions are 110 x 20 x 9 mm. Apple Money is always connected to Apple devices, allowing the mine ecosystem to be controlled and activated. Each participant can contribute and create a ring with other benefits. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to operate Apple devices, which traditionally don’t have good battery life.

Well, unless the mining is somehow done in the cloud, as mentioned above. Honestly, it’s not impossible for Apple to get into cryptocurrency, but I think they’d rather bring back a more well-known piece like Tesla did with Bitcoin. Although cryptographic devices are possible.

by Antonio de Rosa

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