Compal CHEESE is a Different Type of Foldable Phone, Meant for Photos and Videos

Written by Justin Phil

Since foldable phones seem to have stagnated, we’re honestly left with the concept of the hunter phone to find an innovation. One such bold design is the Compal CHEESE, a foldable phone concept designed for photography. It was discovered on the IF World Design Guide website and published on

The interesting thing is that we only have one set of cameras, but they can be used as the main camera or as a stand-alone camera. This is not the same use case as the ZenFone 6 or 7, but rather a tall size combined with a flexible screen. When folded, the top third of the Compal CHEESE screen encloses the back of the smartphone. This provides a slight vibration of the camera, with a full grip. It is interesting to note that the current cameras are in the film segment.

When the screen is fully collapsed, it is divided into 3 segments so that most of it can be used as a viewfinder. At the same time, the subject may see himself in other folds opposite him. You can use the side screen with the camera shutter button and other control functions. The real innovation here is that the phone folds back on itself and uses it wisely. It’s very thin and looks like what Samsung or Motorola would get.

It’s also a compact and slim device that will probably fit in your pocket. Price under $1200 and you can beat gold!

by dwarves.

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