Google Pixel Fold Shows Us What Google Could Do With a Foldable Phone

Written by Justin Phil

Google’s Pixel phones haven’t been very successful, especially in recent years when innovation seemed to stand still. Rumor has it that Google is now in the fold and with the move of Pixel production to Vietnam, they may feel more free to experiment and innovate. One of these is Google’s foldable pixel phone.

Designer Waqar Khan took all the rumors of such a device and created the Google Pixel Warehouse, which you can see here. No big surprises, it’s all in the title. We’ve turned the Google Pixel into a foldable phone. For example, the camera design is roughly the same as the Pixel 5. The format is also very similar to the Galaxy Fold 2 5G, but with new colors, textures and a slightly bolder approach. There is a camera opening on the left side and a plastic back that contains a fingerprint scanner of sorts.

This device emits vibrations into the hinged medium, which has never been done before. It’s also more compact than the Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate or even the Galaxy Z Fold 2. It’s pretty thick, although it only has two camera sensors on the back, probably the main sensor and the ultra-wide (or telephoto) sensor. I’m trying to find a selling point, but aside from the price and the idea of an upper middle class, I don’t see it. Frankly, I only saw one possible selling point in a dedicated interface.

A new paradigm that turns your work and games into a screen with multiple windows and multiple parties would be nice. Portable mode is also welcome. And this is just the beginning…

by Wakar Khan.

frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of a foldable phone?


Why does Google use pixel phones?

Google Pixel phones are our favorite Android phones here at WIRED, and have been for many years. They have state-of-the-art cameras, get software and security updates directly from Google (like Apple’s iPhone) and are offered at competitive prices.

Is Google building foldable phones?

Google’s Pixel Fold design, much like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2, the screen of the next Pixel Fold would be a foldable design that closes inward. The screen size of 7.6 inches is identical to the size Samsung used for the Z Fold 2’s panel, so it’s possible that Google will use the same panel for the Pixel Fold.

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